Market in Spotlight

Wellness / Psychedelics

As mental-health numbers continue to surge throughout the pandemic, an underserved sector cultivates a drastic gap for innovation. Mental health disorders are expected to rise and be the 2nd biggest cause of global disease burden (WHO, 2020). In a given year, 19% of adults experience a mental health illness or addiction (National Alliance on Mental Health).

The Psychedelic therapeutic revolution is upon us. These natural medicines are rapidly becoming recognized in the Pharmaceutical industry for their

potent medicinal and neurological benefits for

patients suffering from today’s and tomorrow’s

distressing mental health and the opioid crisis.

After decades of counterculture and research dormancy, we observe a paradigm shift within the healthcare and biotech industry, rippling to an expansive state of integrative & disruptive approach to new capital markets.

There is a collective action underway, a point of inflection in our systemic wave where ancestral, old-world practices meet with progressive biotechnologies. Investments are becoming

all-encompassing with impactful and ethical change.

We’re observing Compass Pathways, ATAI Life Sciences, MindMed, and Field Trip Health penetrate the stock exchange. These trailblazers will be functional benchmarks for the future markets and pharmaceutical approaches.

But there is always investment hype. This isn't cannabis 2.0. Everyone wants a slice of the psychedelic pie, but only those that have a compelling IP, robust team, and strategic partnerships in place will land the wave. We want to apply the takeaways from cannabis and approach the market with caution and rigorous research-based methodologies. This is where science, finance, and impactful lenses converge.

However, for this emerging psychedelic rush to prosper sustainably, all key stakeholders need to remain patient with regulating bodies and maintain ethics throughout the expansion. Rather than “mushrushing” into this world, we want to see strategic partnerships with governments and businesses. Now is the time for psychedelics to disrupt the therapeutic and pharmaceutical markets, whilst filling the mental health gap, drive capital, and enhance quality of life.